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heather said...

I got to visit with Heather last weekend, and play with her gorgeous girl Kenadie. I wanted to save some of the things she had to say about pregnancy:

♥ that scene in The Waitress, you know the one: where she holds her baby for the first time and she's suddenly deaf and the whole world changes - well, it's true

♥ do not fear the epidural - tough it out naturally if you are so inclined, but don't base that decision on fearing the pain of the epidural itself - you're in so much pain already, you won't feel a thing. And then you really won't feel a thing

♥ the epidural can be quirky, only numbing part of the area intended, and/or wearing off too quickly - Heather had to have 2 shots to get everything, and even then there was a section on one side that was not completely numb. She actually relished this because the numbness of her legs, etc. was disconcerting

♥ childbirth is nothing, forgotten once you have your baby in your arms - and then the real work begins

♥ feed your newborn when (s)he's hungry - they can't over-eat in that first year

♥ breast milk is great, but if breastfeeding isn't going very smoothly, seek out help - and don't let people treat you like your nuts - Kenadie's little mouth could not cover the nipple enough to make a good seal, so there wasn't much suction. Combined with being told "2 and a half ounces, no more", and the little thing was losing weight instead of gaining.

♥ try to numb your nipples during your pregnancy - rub them with a washcloth every time you shower

♥ snobby mommies who won't let their kids play with your kid are evil and should be admonished, loudly



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