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Why I <3 BUST Magazine!

First: Holy Shit! Lady GaGa is Smokin'!!! I've been hearing her name everywhere, but not heard her music or seen what she looks like. Today I was led to her newest video (8 minute movie), and I was blown away:

Again: Holy Shit! I miss my Suicide Girls subscription. *sniff*

Second: BUST magazine should be required reading for all women. Have your doubts? Look at all these cool links they just emailed me about:

The King Could Be Compensating, Just Maybe Wow. Just... what were they thinking? The only thing wrong is the tagline: it shouldn't say "IT'LL BLOW", it should say "SHE'LL BLOW". Perverts!

Urban Farming and Miniature Meet Cute I am very interested in urban farming. I hear about ingenious ideas all the time. I love this one! Unfortunately, Eric and I aren't really veggie eaters. So urban farming for us until they invent pizza plants and coca-cola trees I'm afraid. :( And while they're at it, could someone please invent chicken/cows/pigs that you can eat without harming any chickens/cows/pigs? Vegetarian/Vegan fakes are sooo not tasty to me! Not only are they way stylish (modern schoolgirl = awesome!), but they are the ones that led me to the new Lady GaGa!

Bust mag on Twitter Latest Tweet: proposes that there be some kind of law that all offices have to have a pet to boost company morale. Thoughts?

What hasn't anyone thought of this before??! I bet office shootings would go way down. *nods*



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