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Yep, Still Liberal

I've had this thing kicking around my head for a few weeks now, this intention to write a Grand Treatise, some sort of Theory of Everything about my worldview. I've just had all these events and ideas pop into my head on a daily basis, building on each other. Unfortunately, writing something as enormous as that while raising a 1 year old is just insanely difficult.

Today, I will bite off a single part.

See, I'm a liberal, flaming variety. I have quite an affection for the term "godless pinko liberal", using it to describe myself often. Over the past 3 years, I've had my eyes opened to the world of Conservatives. I've seen the places where we're not so far apart, and been re-introduced to those chasms where we stare at each other from opposite sides, goggling at each other like the other has 3 heads. This time has helped me redefine myself, it's helped me rethink how I see the world and other people, and it's helped me realize that I'm still a flaming liberal and always will be.

So here's a minor annoyance I have with Conservatives. Some of them seem to have a problem with anyone who calls themselves "progressive". Seems Progressivism is tied to some history that Conservatives think should embarrass us. Just like many still believe Communism is Evil because of Marx's ideas about over-throwing the government violently, some believe calling oneself "progressive" means they support anyone who was ever identified as progressive. I have been told that because I self-label as "progressive", I must know all about and support Margaret Sanger's racist eugenics plan to weed out the "unfit" races.

My response to that is to sit back, scratch my head, and whisper "Wow. Just, wow."

Did you know that the KKK was founded by Democrats? I sure didn't. But today I was told that this tidbit was somehow relevant to the current IRS scandal. Huh? I don't know if it's true, and I don't care. Why? Because the KKK was relevant in small towns over a century ago and has become less and less relevant as time has marched on. I've been told that Democrats were for slavery and Republicans started the movements for civil rights and conservation. Really? Awesome.

Can we get back to today now? To the fact that the Democratic Party elected a black man named Barak Obama to the Presidency? Whatever racists once called themselves, who cares? I'm not a member of the KKK, none of my friends are, none of my family. I don't support eugenics or slavery. You know why? Because I live in 2013 and that is the PAST.

Funny thing about the word "progressive", it has nothing to do with eugenics. It comes from the word "progress", and it's about moving forward. You know, moving away from the past? And the word liberal? It doesn't mean "hates Conservatives", it doesn't mean "fiscally irresponsible", it doesn't mean "plays the race card". Nope, it means open to new ideas. Here is a beautiful definition, "Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry."

So yes, I'm for progress and against tradition for tradition's sake, so yep, I'm a progressive liberal. Not a member of the KKK who support eugenics. Step into the current century people, and pick up a dictionary while you're at it.



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