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WTF moment of the week

So here's my big WTF moment of the week: a youth pastor from The Church at Chapel Hill just followed me at Twitter. I think maybe because I've posted a bunch of tweets about my failure to learn how to properly use my camera, since he lists photography in his bio. OK, fine, but... shouldn't he have looked at a few of my tweets before following me? Doesn't he realize that anyone listing a church's website as their personal website link should not want to have anything to do with my tweets? How did he miss the godless pinko liberalism (GPL) that is Mysie?

Before letting my shock get away with me, I did some research. Y'know, maybe this guy attends one of the "progressive" churches with gay pastors? It could happen! But um... no. If you follow the website link and click around to learn about their beliefs, you are eventually prompted to learn more by going to the Assemblies of God website and clicking on beliefs. I chose to check out their Position Papers to get the lowdown on the good stuff. And boy, what a treasure trove that is:

Abortion and Euthanasia are bad
Astrology, Psychics, Transcendental Mediation are all bad, while martial arts and yoga instructors are suspect
Capital Punishment... wishy-washy
Civil Disobediance is only tolerated when the law opposes God's will, so Abortion protestors are good (so... Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr were bad?)
Psychological Counseling is only acceptable when provided by Christians
Creationism good, Evolution very scary
"Social" dancing is bad (it's the gateway drug to sex!)
"God has clearly communicated that neither gender is spiritually or socially superior", but feminists are deceptive, warped, twisted, and hate men
Homosexuality is bad, mm-kay?

OK, ok... maybe I have some responsibility in this misunderstanding. Maybe I've been lax in expressing my GPL on Twitter, probably because I am trying to use that account to balance my personal interests with my business venture at Etsy. For this grievous error, I do publicly apologize to DMosley. So now to keep this tragedy from befalling another hapless conservative Christian, let's get some things cleared up, ok?

I am an atheist. I am bisexual. I am pro-choice, support assisted suicide, and can still say with a straight face that I believe life is sacred and so I am vehemently opposed to the death penalty. I believe in the scientific method and evolution. I am extremely liberal, with socialist and marxist leanings. I believe in animal rights, protecting the environment, and feminism.

I firmly believe that the word "liberal" still means "open-minded or tolerant", and "feminism" still means simply "advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men". I am very angry that these words have been demonized to the point that they are disparaging words said with venom by the likes of Rush Limbaugh. I am even angrier that so many moderate and even liberal women are quick to say that they are not feminists.

I like sex, and I think that everyone else should too. I think it's ridiculous that such a natural, beautiful thing could ever be taboo. By keeping sex and sexuality so secretive, our society has fostered an environment where children grow up not knowing what healthy sexual relationships are.

And I think dancing is awesome.



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