the more things stay the same, the more i want them to change

new layout

I was sick of the old "dark" layout, so I've been looking for something a bit lighter, and I just adore this new look. Unfortunately, there are some ticks that are taking me forever to fix. I've been at this for hours, fighting the sleepiness induced by my medication. No more: I'm going to bed. We'll see if I can iron out the rest of this when I'm actually awake. FYI, Deluxe Templates has some AWESOME blogger layouts, all free!



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Reader beware, I make no apologies for speaking the truth, no matter how shocking. So here's a list of taboo you might see here: sexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, atheism, ex-Catholic ranting, stories of childhood abuse, wacked-out left-wing theories and philosophies, and feminist thought. And I like the words "cunt" and "fuck" a lot.