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CD 24, Butt Injection T + 001.50 Days

Yes, it's happened - Eric gave me my first injection of Estrogen yesterday, and we all survived: me, Eric, and my butt! Amazingly, despite the terrifying length of the needle, you only feel it as it pierces the skin. Which means you barely feel it at all! Whew! It's just now starting to feel a little tender when I sit just so, but nothing at all worth all the worry and drama before hand.

In other news, today was another meeting of my Wellness Group. I love this group! There is no way to describe properly how comforting and uplifting it is to sit down in a room with other people dealing with chronic ailments. You can vent, complain, wish, hope, learn - all in a supportive environment. At the beginning of each session, we go around the room reading a list of "rules" about being respectful of each other. This is always my favorite rule:

Although our goal is wholeness and a positive affirmation of life, we allow ourselves to express our real feelings, including negative ones. We do not need to pretend to be more positive than we feel.

Hallelujah! The burden to smile pretty for every grocery checker (Tom) and receptionist (Dick) and random Harry that you run in to when you leave the house - it is just exhausting, infuriating, condescending... bleck!

In other news, our huge task of re-carpeting the upstairs is almost complete! Saturday we moved the last of the furniture downstairs. We are crossing our fingers that our bed and M-A-S-S-I-V-E dresser fit in the upstairs bathroom when the time comes, because we just can't move those on our own. But now on to the fun part - picking out the carpet! Or at least, I keep telling myself this should be the fun part. People find decorating fun, right?



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