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CD 21, Lupron Day 11

Things are going quite smoothly, finally! My mood is good and my symptoms are annoying, but tolerable: the headaches have dissipated, I'm sleeping better, the spotting has turned into full-blown menstruation, and this morning my chin was attacked by acne the likes I haven't seen in ages. You take the bad with the good!

I got out of the house to catch a movie with Jenni and Meg: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was watchable, and I was entertained, but it was kind of boring. The magic of the journey that was captured in the book just was did not translate into the movie.

Finally, some real progressive on packing up the 2nd floor! Today we move the heavy items, hopefully without hurting ourselves. Then we'll finally be ready to get the new carpet! We've only been planning this for the better part of a year...

Tomorrow is a "Suppression Check" day, so bloodwork and ultrasound at the clinic. Then Monday the first of the Really Evil Injections. Wish us luck!



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