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Cycle Day (CD) 17

CD 17, Lupron Day 7

I had a few days of sleeping longer, and then this morning I'm awake at 5:45 and giving up trying to fall back asleep by 6:15. This on top of the non-nifty side-effects of the Lupron is... very non-nifty.

Side effects so far: headaches for 3 days now, off-and-on nausea, spotting. The dosage goes down considerably next Monday, so I just have to hold on for another few days. Or at least during the "Mock" cycle last year things got much better after the dosage went down, so I'm hoping for something similar here.

Over the weekend I got to finally play with my new camera. I took the giant leap to Digital SLR. So far, I am quite pleased. Some of the differences in usage are frustrating, most notably that I keep turning off the camera because the on/off sliding doo-hickey is exactly where the zoom control was in my last few cameras. I don't mind zooming manually with my own hands. I mind lining up a shot and then accidentally turning off the camera! It's pretty good negative reinforcement though, so I'm sure I'll get the hang of it quite quickly.

But my god the pictures so far have been amazing! Great pictures of my nephew, amazing colors and sharpness, and it is blessedly forgiving of my hand shakiness.

This week is the real test: jewelry pictures. I got a macro lens, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary. I need to test that out too, at the very least take it out of the box and make sure that it arrived in one piece! I never did really enjoy using my macro on my old non-digital Nikon, but when I used it properly it was very impressive. I can't wait until Spring so there are more colorful things out there to take pictures of!

The real good stuff is on the ground, however. It's cold and wet out there right now, and the Seattle area soil is damp roughly 360 days a year, so that's another frustration to overcome. How odd would it be if I suited up in neoprene like a scuba diver?



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