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Not My Mom's Mushroom Gravy Pork Chops Recipe

Last night I made the most incredible pork chops - I think I like this twist better than even my Mom's version when cooked by her. Which is... impossible!?!?

As usual, I have no patience for measurements, so duplicating in the future will be... frustrating. I want to try my best to get the recipe down so I can remember later.

Pork Chops
olive oil for skillet
3 thin-cut pork cutlets (boneless)
1/2 tsp. paprika
1/2 tsp. crushed rosemary
fair coating of garlic powder (thought it was too much at the time)
good coating of Cavender's Greek seasoning
seasalt & pepper to taste

* I always sprinkle my spices 1 by 1; I don't make a mix to "toss" the meat in

** All seasonings were on one side only, except for seasalt, pepper, and a light pass of Cavender's.

Browned and cooked-through on medium, or just under (my burners are a joke!). Cut them in half mid-way because they were so thin they were curling like bacon. Used a meat thermometer at the end, putting it on full medium and covering with a pot cover to trap heat. Removed all pork to plate.

Setting at lowest, de-glazed the skillet with roughly 1 TBSp each olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic. For once the drippings actually came off the bottom to add their yumminess to the mix! No scorched pan!!

Added 1 can Campbell's low-sodium, condensed Mushroom Soup. Dash of Seasalt, pepper, Cavender's. Mixed and heated through, re-added pork chops. Covered to reheat to serving temperature.

Result: I ate it ALL despite myself. Decided to cook with paprika more often! Paprika and the minced garlic were definitely the game-changer for this version of the recipe. Also, covering got the temperature in the meat rising very quickly!



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